Behind the Scenes: Making the 2016 Iowa Caucus App on TechNet Radio

Capturing more than 90% of the caucus results within three hours in a secure, accurate and trusted manner is an amazing accomplishment. In today’s special TechNet Radio episode, join Tommy Patterson as he welcomes the team that brought to life the 2016 Iowa Caucus app.

Built on Microsoft technology, the new platform featured a secure system, enabling precincts to report their results directly by party, ensuring that only authorized Iowans were reporting results.  Tune in and learn how this cross-platform app came to be — from planning, to testing and execution — and learn how Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform played a vital role in storing, managing and reporting the election results.

  • [3:44] How did the planning process look like at the beginning of this project? What were some of the hurdles that had to be crossed?
  • [8:30] How did this work from a technology perspective? What did you use?
  • [13:40] What about the testing and security aspect of this project?
  • [27:01] How did you handle performance issues?

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New TechNet Radio Episode: To The Cloud #6 – VMs for SMB and More in the Cloud

In Part 6 of the “To the Cloud” series, Blain Barton, Dan Stolts, and I provide an overview of the benefits of running servers without the physical hardware using Microsoft Azure. Learn how large and small to mid-sized companies can rent compute, storage, and networking resources by using datacenter hardware to deploy virtual machines (VMs).

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New on Channel9 – Building a Windows Server in the Azure Portal and Getting Started with Automation

Hi everyone! Are you working on a new project with the cloud and want to know where to start? Check out the new videos below. The first one is centered around building out a Windows server in the Microsoft Cloud via the Azure portal. The second one gets us started with Azure Automation, the ability to create workflows with scripting to bring your projects to life faster than ever before. Dive on in and get started today!

Building a Windows Server in the Microsoft Cloud

Getting Started with Azure Automation

New TechNet Radio Episode – (Part 4) Open Source + Microsoft Azure – Implementing Big Data Solutions with Hadoop on Microsoft Azure

Join Keith Mayer and I in  part 4 of our series on “Open Source + Azure“. In today’s show we walk through how to implement Big Data Solutions using Hadoop on Azure.

  • [2:30] Let’s talk about Big Data solutions on Azure. What industry trends are we seeing and how does Azure play a role in this discussion?
  • [11:15] DEMO Getting started with Hadoop and HDInsights on Azure

Deploying Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines with Visual Studio for IT Pros

While PowerShell alone is great for deploying Azure Virtual Machines, the newest innovations in Visual Studio make PowerShell plus Azure even easier! Join Ian Philpot and I as we walk through the process of setting up Visual Studio with an Azure subscription, editing the scripts in the traditional PowerShell ISE then moving over to showing how this can be done much easier with the latest Visual Studio enhancements! The latest innovation with Azure Resource Templates plus Visual Studio make multi-machine deployments so much easier. Visual Studio is not just for developers anymore!