Be the Victor in the Hunger Games of your Virtualization Environment! (Part II) Questions to ask your VMware Admin…

Processing Limitations Wreak Havoc on the Contestants

We talked about memory restrictions in part 1 of this series, but lets now shift our focus to CPU resources.  This is a multi-headed beast in the arena that needs tamed.  If you have an application that requires a lot of CPU processing power, you ask the VMware administrator for more than one processor.  However, in doing so, you may have just set yourself for a pain like an invisible poison floating the stream.  At times the VM will perform great, but other times you notice great slow downs.  You might be a victim of what is known as High CPU Ready %.  You could also be a victim of processor throttling, also known as a CPU limits. Read more

Be the Victor in the Hunger Games of your Virtualization Environment! (Part I) Questions to ask your VMware Admin…


Thoughts From the Mind of a Previous VMware Admin (aka Game Master)


Do you ever feel like your Windows server is not performing well in the VMware environment, as if it were a sponsor-less contestant in the arena of the annual hunger games?  As a VMware admin and consultant I witnessed first hand the fine art of deception for presenting restricted resources to virtual machines.  An application owner or Windows admin would come to my cube or put in a help desk ticket asking for a new virtual machine.  They would often ask me for an insane amount of resources for this VM because the application vendor demanded it.  So just like in the Hunger Games, I would plop the new VM into the environment but at the same time I would unleash harsh conditions on the VM without the requestor ever knowing.  In my defense, I was kind of forced to be one Mean Game Master!

Read more

How to Deploy & Configure a SQL Server Windows Azure Virtual Machine – Virtually Speaking with Yung Chou – TechNet Radio

In today’s episode Yung Chou shows us how to deploy and configure a SQL Server Windows Azure Virtual Machine. Tune in as he creates a new Windows Azure Virtual Machine of SQL Server, then shows you how to access and configure it as well how to test its connectivity using Microsoft WebMatrix. Either to test SQL connectivity, web site development, or Windows Azure service deployment, WebMatrix is easy to use and freely available.

ITProGuru Dan Stolts and TechNet Radio Show guest Bill Wilder talk Virtual Machines in the Cloud!

Dan Stolts welcomes Microsoft Windows Azure MVP, Bill Wilder to the show as they discuss Windows Azure and its new offerings in the area of Infrastructure as a Service or Azure Virtual Machines. Tune in they discuss a bevy of topics from which operating systems and servers are supported in the Microsoft Public Cloud, to how these servers in the sky can communicate with your on-premise servers and how the other services within Azure can provide a holistic solution for all of your IT and business needs.



Windows 8 is just around the corner, get your questions on Windows Store submission and certification answered!

The launch of Windows 8 is just around the corner. If you are looking to get your app into the store by Launch on 10/26, join this webcast and get your questions on Windows Store submission and certification answered! Our Windows 8 Technical Evangelist team will be live, online to answer your questions and available for 1:1 conversations after the webcast. Don’t miss this opportunity, register today.

While we’re on the topic of replication, check out Keith Mayer’s Simplified Automated DR PS3.0 How-To Guide!

…Hyper-V Replica is a new built-in feature of Windows Server 2012.  Hyper-V Replica enables Hyper-V hosts or clusters to enable distance replication of running VMs to remote Hyper-V hosts over a standard IP WAN connection.  It provides a very cost-effective disaster recovery solution in the event of a primary data center outage. To get this feature in the VMware world, we’d pay gobs of extra money to license “Site Recovery Manager”, but in Hyper-V it’s just included as part of the core feature set – no extra cost.  For more see it here and for great reference links check out here!