New TechNet Radio: Open Source + Microsoft Azure – Implementing MySQL databases in the Cloud

Keith Mayer and I are back for part 2 of the series on “Open Source + Azure” and in this episode we show how to implement MySQL databases inside Linux VMs on Azure:

  • [2:06] Besides MySQL on Azure IaaS, what other options are available to me?
  • [11:55] DEMO Quick Create and Azure Virtual Network
  • [17:35] DEMO Creating a Storage account
  • [26:54] DEMO How to configure MySQL in a Linux VM on Azure
  • [38:10] DEMO How to make MySQL highly available on Azure

Deploying Linux on Microsoft Azure – Step-by-Step

I’ve done some fairly detailed posts on deploying virtual machines in Azure in the past but none of them touched on Linux as the guest OS.  Given the recent Docker announcements, Azure Files, and the other general open source announcements lately I felt now is a great time to dive back in to an environment I used to spend a good bit of time in, Linux!  In this article I will provide step-by-step instructions Read more