Modernizing your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud – Server 2003 Migrating File Sharing Services to Server 2012 R2 – Part 29

Welcome to today’s article in the “Migrating your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud” series.  Not to sound like a broken record but I’m going to assume that some folks did not want or need to read yesterday’s article so I’m going to cover the basic “WHY” discussion one more time here.  If you read yesterday’s article then you will want to skip down to the Migration Considerations section of the article.


Server 2003 was a great server operating system there is no doubt!  Well, in today’s article we tackle migrating the file services from Read more

Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud – Server 2003 to Server 2012 R2 AD, DNS, and DHCP Migrations – Part 28

Just about every business on the planet has deployed Windows Server 2003 at some point in time and it was a great server operating system no doubt! Well, in today’s article we tackle migrating Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP services from those older 2003-based servers to Server 2012 R2.  Its funny, we think of 2003 as an old OS, because now-a-days we are starting to think of Server 2012 as an older operating system.  After all Server 2012 R2 came out in 2013, and we will surely see something newer come out in the next year or so if the trend continues.  July 14th, 2015 is the drop dead date for support, and as of today, there are roughly 300 days left of Server 2003 support left.  What does Read more

New TechNet Radio Episode: Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud – Server 2003 Migration

In part 6 of our “Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud”  series, Blain Barton and I discuss how to get started migrating Server 2003 workloads to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure. Tune in for this great session on server migration from on-premises, to the cloud or a combination of both and learn which option is best for your organization as well as what tools are available to make this process as efficient as possible.

  • [4:13]  What does end of support for Windows Server 2003 mean?
  • [5:23] Migration vs. Upgrade. Which option is best?
  • [15:02] What migration tools are available?
  • [16:01]  Migrating foundation services (Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, File Services & DFS, Web Servers, SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint)

New TechNet Radio Episode! Delivering Results – How Microsoft IT Protects Corporate Client Data using Windows Work Folders

Corporations today face huge challenges protecting their client data in this BYOD world.   People want flexibility when deciding on where and how they work – from which device they choose to use to how they access their data whenever and wherever they are –  while IT departments are tasked with responding to their information needs, while still keeping control of corporate data.  Join me for today’s TechNet Radio episode as I welcomes Sr. Service Engineering Manager Young Kwon, and discuss how Microsoft IT deployed Work Folders (a feature in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2) in their datacenter to help IT manage information and data in a BYOD environment.

  • [2:14] What are Work Folders?
  • [4:46] What are the IT Benefits to Work Folders?
  • [6:06 ]What is involved with IT Professionals setting up Work Folders
  • [6:32] What were some of our challenges?

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New! Charlotte Azure Boot Camp – Saturday – Sept 6th

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Are you a key business decision maker, Developer, or IT Ops professional and don’t have time to understand the Microsoft Azure Cloud?  Well, can you spare just one day to learn from the top Microsoft Azure experts?

Attend the no-cost one-day Charlotte Azure Boot Camp (Saturday, September 6 at the Microsoft Campus in Charlotte). Quickly learn how the Microsoft Azure Cloud can help you minimize cost, reduce time to delivery, provide simple global deployment, and support your applications and servers with leading edge technology. Learn the business benefits and gain deep technical direction and tips as you listen to actual Microsoft Azure Program Managers, Microsoft Azure technical experts, and Azure MVPs share their real-world experiences and technical expertise. Talk 1:1 with Microsoft, RDA, and Aditi Cloud experts about your questions and needs around Microsoft Azure. Network with other Cloud professionals and companies in the Southeast that can help meet your Cloud staffing and project requirements.  If you ever considered the Microsoft Azure Cloud before this is your chance to jump start your knowledge and transform those thought into actions!

The Charlotte Azure Boot Camp will include three exciting and very informative learning tracks with something for everyone.

Understanding Azure – For Business Decision Makers and Architects.  Learn just how secure is the Azure Cloud, how to evaluate it the Cloud could benefit your business, how to build a Cloud roadmap, and Cloud architectural concepts and patterns.

Developing Azure – For Developers (PaaS).  Learn how to build scalable Azure applications, how to use Azure Cache to make highly responsive Azure applications, and how Azure Mobile and Media Services expand your services and customer base.

Administrating Azure – For IT Operations and Administrators (IaaS). Learn how to avoid the common IaaS mistakes, how to optimize and secure virtual networks, automate the lifetime of your Cloud resources, optimize Azure storage, and how the Azure Resource Manager makes management of your resources simpler.

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided, as well as sponsor giveaways and raffles for very nice prizes. There is no cost to attend. All we ask is that if you sign up please follow through and commit to coming so we can plan for proper food headcount.  Thank you.

Any other questions or requests contact the Charlotte Azure Boot Camp event coordinator Mike McKeown at  Mike is a Microsoft Azure MVP (Most Valuable Partner) and Principal Cloud Solutions Architect with Aditi Technologies. Mike currently lives in Charlotte, NC after spending nearly two decades as an FTE with Microsoft. In his spare time Mike authors Cloud courses for Pluralsight Mike lives the Cloud and blogs about Microsoft Azure at  You can connect with Mike professionally on LinkedIn at, follow him on Twitter at @NWOEKCM, and find out more about his company, Aditi Technologies, at

This is a Microsoft MVP Azure Community event. Sponsors include RDA Corporation,  Aditi Technologies,  and Microsoft Corporation. 

Registration information for this event can be found here:

New TechNet Radio: Delivering Results – Developing Cloud Based Automation for Azure VM Migrations and Self-Service Infrastructure

How do you approach infrastructure management in the cloud?  Tune in as I welcomes Justin Pirtle to the show as we discuss how Microsoft IT  has developed and implemented automation tools to enable self-service cloud provisioning that has resulted in lightning fast IaaS provisioning times (from 5 days to 20 minutes!)  while still maintaining OS standards and compliance.

  • [2:56] Where is Microsoft IT at in terms of cloud migration?
  • [5:46] What challenges have faced your organization in cloud migration?
  • [8:20] What tools have you built to enable faster adoption?
  • [10:34] What performance do you expect from the tools?

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New Technet Radio Episode: Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud – Part 5 – Cloud Testing and More

In Part 5 of our  “Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud” series on TechNet Radio, join me as I welcome Developer Technology Solutions Specialist Randy Pagels to the show as we discuss ways in which your budding DevOps organization can find effective testing methods by using Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Online.

  • [2:00]Why is having an effective Testing process so critical when an organization is considering their DevOps strategy?
  • [4:50] How does Visual Studio Online + Azure help to streamline and accelerate the testing process?
  • [6:00]  Performance is another area that Dev and Ops teams struggle with prior to the release of a solution, how can it be tested to determine what kind of load it can handle?
  • [8:30]  What’s the difference between test plan management in Visual Studio Online vs Visual Studio Ultimate?
  • [9:00] DEMO: Creating and walking through a web-based test plan in Visual Studio Online

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New TechNet Radio: (Part 2) Why VDI? How to Set-Up a Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infratructure (VDI) Environment

Join me as I welcome Simon May back for Part 2 in our  Microsoft VDI series and in today’s episode we show how to setup VDI from concept to configuration. Tune in for this demo heavy session where we show how to quickly get a Proof of Concept built using the quick setup wizard and then how to fully customize it for your needs while building out the VDI environment.

Also see what’s new in VDI for R2 and Windows 8.1 here on Virtual Academy!

As well as Using Microsoft VDI to Enable New Workstyles Jump Start!

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