New TechNet Radio Episode: What is Microsoft’s Data Culture and why should I care?

Join me as I welcome Michael Lucas to the show as we discuss how the “Data Culture” inside Microsoft is evolving due to a shift in the industry. Tune in for this very informative discussion around the impact of enabling a Business Intelligence mindset across an entire organization, and learn how to enable this data cultural shift in your org from the way people think about, process and use new technologies to unlock new insights into your business.

  • [1:15] How is the BI Landscape changing?
  • [3:00] How can organizations create this data shift for themselves?
  • [6:53] What does this mean for IT?
  • [8:44] What are some key takeaways for our audience…

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New TechNet Radio: Open Source + Microsoft Azure – Implementing MySQL databases in the Cloud

Keith Mayer and I are back for part 2 of the series on “Open Source + Azure” and in this episode we show how to implement MySQL databases inside Linux VMs on Azure:

  • [2:06] Besides MySQL on Azure IaaS, what other options are available to me?
  • [11:55] DEMO Quick Create and Azure Virtual Network
  • [17:35] DEMO Creating a Storage account
  • [26:54] DEMO How to configure MySQL in a Linux VM on Azure
  • [38:10] DEMO How to make MySQL highly available on Azure

New TechNet Radio: Open Source + Azure: Building Linux in the Cloud

Join Keith Mayer and I as we kick off a new series on “Open Source + Azure” and in part 1 we cover the building blocks and how-to for Linux in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure.

  • [2:44] Open Source and Microsoft? How does that work?
  • [8:11] Why should someone pick Azure for their Open Source solutions?
  • [15:55] Let’s chat about Azure and Linux and how they play nicely together
  • [22:00] DEMO Provisioning and Managing Linux and Azure

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New Episode of TechNet Radio: How Microsoft IT uses Agile Development process for Self-Service BI

Join me as I welcome Jeff Melton to this episode of TechNet Radio as we discuss how Microsoft IT uses the Agile Development process for Self-Service BI. Tune in as we discuss the impact self-service business intelligence capabilities have on business analysts,  IT organizations as well as the overall business and learn how Microsoft utilizes Agile Development best practices to ensure a smooth ROI.

  • [2:10] What is self-service BI and what problem does it solve for organizations and businesses?
  • [3:36] How do you get started with this?
  • [5:29] What does the Agile Development process look like for implementing self-service BI?
  • [20:10] Let’s talk about the partnership between the end-user and IT…
  • [23:40] How about some key takeaways for our audience…

Learn more about Microsoft Power BI – Click here.

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