IT-Camp Azure Labs – Lab 2 – Building Workloads – Step by Step

Lab 2: Building Workloads

Azure virtual machines give you the flexibility of virtualization without spending the time and money to buy and maintain the hardware that hosts the virtual machine. However, you do need to maintain the virtual machine — configuring, patching, and maintaining the operating system and any other software that runs on the virtual machine. In this lab you are going to deploy 2 virtual machines into Azure for the two workloads of identity and database. You will create Read more

IT-Camp Azure Labs – Lab 1 – Building the Foundation – Step by Step

Lab Requirements

The following components are required to successfully complete this Hands-on Lab:

  • A Microsoft Azure Account and Credentials
  • A modern web-browser with HTML5 and Javascript enabled
  • Remote Desktop Client connection software
  • Internet connectivity
  • Identification for building access
  • 10” or larger screen recommended
  • Your own wireless hotspot (if you have one)

In addition, this hands-on lab guide assumes that lab participants are comfortable with performing the steps involved in implementing Windows Server 2012 and Active Directory in an on-premises datacenter environment.

Lab 1: Building the Foundation

In this first lab of building a core IaaS in Microsoft Azure, you will create Read more

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Word Docx Lab Guide (Azure-Labs-All-V1.3.docx)

PowerPoint from the Extend Your Datacenter with Azure Event Series:

Lab Data Entry Cheat Sheet (Lab-DataEntry.txt)


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but, but, but….awwww

In the words of John Candy from Uncle Buck, “But but but…awwww”. I got this email from VMware this morning and it felt like that moment when John gets hung up on by his old girlfriend. I guess it doesn’t make sense to hold on to the past but what does expiring this cert really do for anyone…



General Assembly Atlanta First Look Series Free Event – Microsoft Azure – Jan 20 6-9pm

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◾Azure IaaS Virtual Machines Inside Out
◾How to Optimize Your Windows Server Workloads on Azure
◾Inside IaaS Architecture Best Practices and Management
◾Dive Deep into Networking, Storage, and Disaster Recovery Scenarios
◾Designing Networking and Hybrid Connectivity Infrastructure
◾Deep Dive into Azure Storage Blobs, Disks, Files, Tables and Queues
◾Planning Disaster Recovery, Migration, and More
◾Ins and Outs of Azure Automation, PowerShell, and Desired State Configurator
◾How to Deploy Linux and OSS on Azure
◾Identity Solutions: Leveraging Azure Active Directory / Active Directory Premium
◾Azure Websites: Manage Your Websites, Not Your VMs

650 North Ave NE S-205 (4 doors down from Dancing Goats)
Atlanta , GA 30308

Deploying Linux on Microsoft Azure – Step-by-Step

I’ve done some fairly detailed posts on deploying virtual machines in Azure in the past but none of them touched on Linux as the guest OS.  Given the recent Docker announcements, Azure Files, and the other general open source announcements lately I felt now is a great time to dive back in to an environment I used to spend a good bit of time in, Linux!  In this article I will provide step-by-step instructions Read more