New TechNet Radio Episode – (Part 4) Open Source + Microsoft Azure – Implementing Big Data Solutions with Hadoop on Microsoft Azure

Join Keith Mayer and I in  part 4 of our series on “Open Source + Azure“. In today’s show we walk through how to implement Big Data Solutions using Hadoop on Azure.

  • [2:30] Let’s talk about Big Data solutions on Azure. What industry trends are we seeing and how does Azure play a role in this discussion?
  • [11:15] DEMO Getting started with Hadoop and HDInsights on Azure

Deploying Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines with Visual Studio for IT Pros

While PowerShell alone is great for deploying Azure Virtual Machines, the newest innovations in Visual Studio make PowerShell plus Azure even easier! Join Ian Philpot and I as we walk through the process of setting up Visual Studio with an Azure subscription, editing the scripts in the traditional PowerShell ISE then moving over to showing how this can be done much easier with the latest Visual Studio enhancements! The latest innovation with Azure Resource Templates plus Visual Studio make multi-machine deployments so much easier. Visual Studio is not just for developers anymore!

New TechNet Radio Episode: Top 5 things to avoid when rolling out Business Intelligence

Join me as I welcome Sr. Program Manager Jeff Jones from Microsoft IT to the show as we discuss the most important things to avoid when rolling out business intelligence (BI) solutions in your company.


  • [1:47] Does BI start from the top and then trickle down in an organization?
  • [3:20] Where does change start? Technology or people?
  • [4:22] Should BI be restricted to a “needs to know” only basis?
  • [7:26] Who should be allowed to see and use business intelligence data?
  • [9:02] Fail quickly? What do you mean by that and how does it apply to business intelligence?

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New TechNet Radio Episode: Top Reasons to Federate Your Company’s Data

Data is typically managed by an organization in three ways: centralized, distributed or federated. What does it mean for your business to have your data managed under each scenario and why would you want to pick one over the other? Join me as I welcome Rajesh Nagpal from Microsoft IT to the show, and in this episode we try to answer this very question and explain why federated data helps organizations be successful in today’s hyper-competitive, data-driven market.

  • [1:24] Let’s discuss how data is managed in an organization.
  • [2:24] What are the benefits / challenges to a centralized model?
  • [3:45] How about distributed model?
  • [5:36] Why is a federated model the best and most adopted by organizations?
  • [10:50] Are organizations able to achieve more, faster using a federated model?

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What’s new in Windows 10 – WINVUG User Group Meeting – June 9th

In this session we explore what is new in Windows 10. The new interfaces – The new security features. How to upgrade to Windows 10. What are the different versions of Windows 10. And answer your questions about the next version of Windows:

Presenter information: Jayson Ferron
Principal –Interactive Security Training. Jay’s work includes E-commerce, VPN work, security audit, workflow process, training, windows and Linux enterprise designs. Jay works on various projects that include training, security designs, network infrastructures, enterprise designs and installations. Jay’s specializes in operating systems, deployment, Virtualization, Security and high performance computing. Jay has also been a contracted by Microsoft to offering training in HPC, Security, Mobile, Windows and Azure for Research because of his real word experiences with these technologies.

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New TechNet Radio: How to Unleash the Power of your Data in a Hybrid Cloud

Ten years ago, cloud computing was only a concept. Today, the cloud is very real and every company is exploring its benefits. How does an organization leverage data that is spread across its data centers on site and stored in the cloud? Join me as I welcome Rajesh Nagpal, Director of Business Operations and Programs within Microsoft IT, as we shed some light on this question and help you unleash the power of your data in a hybrid cloud environment.

  • [1:27] What does today’s cloud reality look like?
  • [7:16] What are some of the benefits of a Hybrid Cloud environment for your data?
  • [10:42] How does telemetry fit into the equation?
  • [12:25] Describe the 80/20 rule as it applies to the Hybrid Cloud and data?

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New Event at Atlanta Tech Village! Microsoft Development & Cloud Solutions Overview

NEW! Microsoft Development & Cloud Solutions Overview

Software development across multiple platforms just got a lot easier with the newest innovations in cloud technology including websites, virtual machines, services, and storage.  Join us for an exciting new session covering the latest in application and cloud development. You will see demos and hear discussion on the latest tools, cloud solutions, and highlights from Microsoft’s //Build Developer Conference.    

Join us May 28, 1-5:00 PM, at Atlanta Tech Village. Every startup attending will be receiving all of the products and solutions for free as well!  Open to everyone, seating is limited so sign up soon!  Afternoon snacks and beverages will be served. Register now:


New TechNet Radio Episode: What is Microsoft’s Data Culture and why should I care?

Join me as I welcome Michael Lucas to the show as we discuss how the “Data Culture” inside Microsoft is evolving due to a shift in the industry. Tune in for this very informative discussion around the impact of enabling a Business Intelligence mindset across an entire organization, and learn how to enable this data cultural shift in your org from the way people think about, process and use new technologies to unlock new insights into your business.

  • [1:15] How is the BI Landscape changing?
  • [3:00] How can organizations create this data shift for themselves?
  • [6:53] What does this mean for IT?
  • [8:44] What are some key takeaways for our audience…

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New TechNet Radio: Open Source + Microsoft Azure – Implementing MySQL databases in the Cloud

Keith Mayer and I are back for part 2 of the series on “Open Source + Azure” and in this episode we show how to implement MySQL databases inside Linux VMs on Azure:

  • [2:06] Besides MySQL on Azure IaaS, what other options are available to me?
  • [11:55] DEMO Quick Create and Azure Virtual Network
  • [17:35] DEMO Creating a Storage account
  • [26:54] DEMO How to configure MySQL in a Linux VM on Azure
  • [38:10] DEMO How to make MySQL highly available on Azure