New TechNet Radio: Open Source + Azure: Building Linux in the Cloud

Join Keith Mayer and I as we kick off a new series on “Open Source + Azure” and in part 1 we cover the building blocks and how-to for Linux in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure.

  • [2:44] Open Source and Microsoft? How does that work?
  • [8:11] Why should someone pick Azure for their Open Source solutions?
  • [15:55] Let’s chat about Azure and Linux and how they play nicely together
  • [22:00] DEMO Provisioning and Managing Linux and Azure

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New Episode of TechNet Radio: How Microsoft IT uses Agile Development process for Self-Service BI

Join me as I welcome Jeff Melton to this episode of TechNet Radio as we discuss how Microsoft IT uses the Agile Development process for Self-Service BI. Tune in as we discuss the impact self-service business intelligence capabilities have on business analysts,  IT organizations as well as the overall business and learn how Microsoft utilizes Agile Development best practices to ensure a smooth ROI.

  • [2:10] What is self-service BI and what problem does it solve for organizations and businesses?
  • [3:36] How do you get started with this?
  • [5:29] What does the Agile Development process look like for implementing self-service BI?
  • [20:10] Let’s talk about the partnership between the end-user and IT…
  • [23:40] How about some key takeaways for our audience…

Learn more about Microsoft Power BI – Click here.

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Extend your datacenter with Microsoft Azure 


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Expect lively demos and hands-on labs from IT experts who will get you fired up and ready to apply what you’ve learned. Here are just some of the topics we’ll cover:


     Migration of on-premises virtualization to Azure Virtual Machines, Apps, and Storage


     ADFS on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Integration, including  Multi-Factor authentication Read more

How Microsoft IT uses Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to provide collaboration and portal services in a hybrid enterprise – Register Today!

Join our upcoming webinar: How Microsoft IT uses Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to provide collaboration and portal services in a hybrid enterprise

On April 22, 2015, David Johnson, a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft IT, discusses how Microsoft uses Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 to support information sharing through portals, team sites, OneDrive for Business, and discovery solutions. David also discusses the Microsoft internal hybrid footprint, moving to the cloud, enhancing security, and creating a great user experience. There will be opportunities for questions throughout the presentation.

About Microsoft IT Showcase webinars

Microsoft IT Showcase webinars provides IT professionals with insight and help answer questions around some of the industry’s hottest topics. Join each month to hear Microsoft IT subject matter experts dive deep into real-world best practices, strategies, tactics and lessons learned that can be used for deploying and operating Microsoft products and services in your organization.

April 22, 2015,
8AM–9AM Pacific Time


IT-Camp Azure Labs – Lab Appendix Extra Labs – Step by Step

Install Active Directory on DC01 using PowerShell (from inside the VM)

In this task, you will use Windows PowerShell to install and configure Active Directory. To perform this task, you will use Windows PowerShell ISE in administrator mode.

Perform the following tasks on your DC01 Server.

  1. In the Azure management portal, click VIRTUAL MACHINES, click DC01, and then click Dashboard. On the bottom bar, click CONNECT, and then click Open. Click Connect.
  2. When prompted, log on as sysadmin using Passw0rd! as the password. Click yes.
  3. Open a web browser on DC01 to Browse to
  4. Click on the text then press CTRL-A to select all text – Then Click CTRL-C to copy it to your clipboard.
  5. NOTE: you can just click OK to any security warnings you get
  6. On DC01, Click Start – type Windows PowerShell ISE, Right click on “Windows PowerShell ISE and select Run as administrator. NOTE: you must run elevated! Select Yes on the User Access Control Popup.
  7. From PowerShell ISE menu select FileNew – Click on line 1 of Untitled1.ps1 and then press CTRL-V to paste in the script.
  8. Press CTRL-A to select all text then press F8 to run the script. DC01 will automatically restart to finish installing AD
  9. After Restart, Login to DC01 to confirm AD and DNS are running on DC01 (Server Manager should list Active Directory) From Tools, you should be able to open DNS and AD Users and Computers)

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